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Why You Shouldn’t Be Worried About Your Root Canal

Root canals are a common dental procedure often associated with fear, pain, and discomfort. However, this fear is unfounded as root canal therapy is designed to save a damaged or infected tooth and prevent the need for more extensive and expensive dental work in the future.

In this article, the professional endodontists at Central Ohio Endodontics will examine the reasons why you shouldn’t worry about a root canal and how it can actually be a beneficial procedure for your overall dental health. So, without further adieu, it’s time to say goodbye to your fears and embrace the many benefits of root canal therapy.

What Is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy, or endodontic treatment, is a dental procedure used to save a damaged or infected tooth. It is necessary when the inner pulp becomes inflamed or infected due to injury, decay, or deep cavities. During a root canal, the dentist removes the damaged or infected pulp, cleans and shapes the root canal system, and fills the space with a rubber-like material known as gutta-percha, which is coated with an antibacterial and biocompatible material called sealer. The endodontist then will refer you back to your general dentist who will fully restore the tooth with a crown or filling to protect and preserve the tooth.

Root canal therapy is typically performed under local anesthesia and is often completed in one or two appointments. The procedure is relatively painless and much less invasive than having the damaged tooth extracted. The primary goal of a root canal is to save the natural tooth and prevent the need for more extensive and expensive dental procedures in the future.

Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Your Root Canal

Root canal therapy has a bad reputation due to the inaccurate and misleading information presented in popular culture, and faulty scientific research that dates back more than a century. Modern root canal therapy is a low-risk, high-reward treatment, and the following are just a few reasons why you shouldn’t worry about your root canal.

Root Canals Relieve Tooth Pain

Root canals have a reputation for being extremely painful, but in reality, they are often performed to relieve pain caused by infected or damaged teeth. The procedure is performed with local anesthesia to numb the tooth and the surrounding area. Most patients report little to no discomfort during the procedure, and many of those report feeling immense relief from their tooth pain shortly after the procedure is complete.

Modern Local Anesthesia

The modern local anesthesia used in endodontic procedures works wonders when it comes to pain. Despite what you may have heard in the past, most root canal patients experience little to no pain during the procedure.

Root Canals are Quick

Advancements in dental tools and technology have made root canals significantly less invasive and subsequently reduced the amount of time the process takes. The length of a root canal procedure varies, but most take about an hour or less to complete meaning you will be able to return to your normal daily activities that same day.

Post-Op Pain is Minimal

Root canal therapy is often associated with significant post-operative pain, but the reality is that most patients experience minimal discomfort after the procedure. Fortunately, most endodontics will prescribe pain medication to manage any discomfort you may experience after the procedure.

Root Canals Save Natural Teeth

Saving your natural teeth with a root canal is one of the most significant benefits of the entire procedure. By preserving your natural teeth, you can expect to maintain your natural bite, speech, jawbone structure, and appearance. The alternatives, bridges, veneers, and dentures, can be expensive, and they don’t always look right.

The First Choice for Exceptional Root Canal Therapy

The Doctors at Central Ohio Endodontics are root canal specialists in Central Ohio and the surrounding area. Our team of experienced endodontists utilizes advanced technology and techniques that maximize patient comfort and minimize pain, so you don’t have to worry about your root canal therapy.