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Why Is It Better to Save a Natural Tooth?

If you’ve been having pain or issues with a tooth, pulling it may seem like the best solution. However, that’s rarely the case! While modern dental bridges, implants and crowns are better and more effective than ever, they’re never going to be as good as your natural teeth. Dental implants, while practical, should always be a last resort. If you’re dealing with a cracked or infected tooth, your endodontist will very likely suggest a root canal instead of an extraction. There are a variety of reasons why saving your tooth is better than any implant or dental bridge.

Saving your natural tooth is safer- As with any medical procedure, there are always potential complications and side effects. Pulling a tooth can result in excessive bleeding, infections, sinus perforation, adjacent teeth moving, and more. Infections are spread through the blood, and an extraction creates a greater opportunity for infection in the tooth to reach the bloodstream than a root canal. Teeth can also be hard to extract, further increasing the chances of complications or excessive damage. In most cases, a root canal is safer, while allowing you to keep your natural tooth. There is also less of a chance of infection if you undergo a root canal than an extraction, and a greater opportunity to heal properly.

Saving your tooth can cost less- When confronted with the initial estimate from your dentist, it may seem as though the cost of extraction is significantly less than a root canal. While that may be true for the side by side procedure costs, that isn’t taking into account additional costs associated with extraction. If you want to replace the removed tooth with an implant, dental bridge or dentures, there are huge additional costs, including upkeep and future replacements. A root canal saves your natural tooth and often the existing crown.

Saving your tooth will be less painful- It’s a common misconception that root canals are extremely painful. In fact, beyond some mild discomfort, root canals are nearly painless. The mild pain that may be felt afterwards is easily mitigated by over the counter pain medications. In fact, an extraction can cause significantly more discomfort. During the process the tooth may crack, and cause much more pain than a root canal procedure.

While implants are marvels of modern medicine, they’re still not as good as your natural teeth. Your teeth offer a variety of benefits that implants simply cannot provide. Teeth help maintain the natural structure of your mouth and jaw, and allow you to chew normally. Implants sometimes don’t fill the space properly, which can lead to bone loss and even collapse. Your teeth also do more than just chew food. The nerves in and around your teeth communicate with the brain, sending messages such as how hard to chew and if there are issues.

If possible, saving your tooth should be your first choice. At Central Ohio Endodontics, our root canal specialists can help you do just that. Since 1969 we have been providing our patients with exceptional care and effective procedures. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.