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Why A Root Canal Treatment Provides Long Lasting Benefits for Your Teeth

Society has fallen into the bad habit of using the phrase “root canal” as a stand in for anything unpleasant. When, in reality, it’s a standard procedure that is relatively painless. Dental professionals perform millions of root canals every year. Root canal therapy removes bacteria from the infected area, prevents reinfection and saves the natural tooth.  During the procedure, the endodontists will remove the infected pulp, clean and disinfect the inside of the tooth and then fill and seal the tooth.

Just because a root canal is standard practice, does not mean it’s not serious. At Central Ohio Orthodontics, we are the root canal specialists. We understand the trepidation associated with a root canal (or any medical procedure). But we also know how important they can be not only for your teeth, but your overall health. By following the science and the latest medical research, it’s becoming clear that oral health is directly linked to overall health. Letting a painful tooth go untreated not only makes you feel terrible, it can create long-term, negative health implications.

Having root canal therapy and saving the natural tooth has a number of benefits, including:

Efficient chewing – This one seems pretty simple, but the main role of your teeth is to properly chew your food. A full set of teeth obviously aids in this process, making the food taste better and aiding in digestion and absorption. Also, thoroughly chewing (and enjoying our food) allows us to eat slower and helps prevent overeating.

Normal biting force and sensation – Biting is as natural as breathing. It’s something most of us do instinctively and without thinking. We do that because our brain has naturally adjusted to how we bite and all the other motions we complete with our mouth, teeth and tongue. It’s made those adjustments because our teeth are in a certain place. If that changes, it’s going to throw off a natural motion. And anyone who has ever bitten their cheek or tongue knows how painful that can be.

Natural appearance – Vanity is always a driving force with our teeth and overall dental aesthetic. A mouth full of teeth just looks more natural. Saving a tooth via a root canal treatment keeps your smile looking great.

Protects other teeth from excessive wear or strain – If we have all our teeth, we use all our teeth. If we have lost a tooth, the rest of them have to compensate for the missing one. That can put some real strain on our mouths as it will be forced to alter a habit we’ve been doing unconsciously for years. That can not only leave other teeth vulnerable, it can create soreness and pain in our mouth, neck and cheeks.

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