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I Am Anxious About Having Dental Treatment, HELP

If you’ve ever been nervous about going to the dentist, you’re not alone. Dental Anxiety is an extremely common affliction, affecting at least 36 percent of the population. Fortunately, there are ways to overcome it. At Central Ohio Endodontics, we offer a variety of dental sedation techniques to alleviate your concerns and ease your nerves. Whether you’re just a little nervous about a procedure or avoid going to the dentist due to extreme dental anxiety, we can make sure you’re comfortable and ready.

Dental Sedation covers a variety of techniques to either help calm an anxious patient before a procedure or ensure that they’re comfortable during the procedure. While many people know of nitrous oxide, commonly known as ‘laughing gas,’ few know that there are several other forms of dental sedation. At Central Ohio Endodontics, we work with patients to determine the best technique for each patient to make sure they’re comfortable.

Nitrous Oxide- Also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide has been used for years to relax patients before and during dental procedures. Contrary to depictions in pop culture, patients are most often conscious while under the effects of laughing gas. It is a very minor sedative that wears off quickly once it is no longer being administered. In fact, nitrous oxide is so mild that patients are allowed to drive home after their procedure has concluded.

Oral Sedation- Oral Sedation, also known as conscious sedation, is a very common form of dental sedation. Patients are given a small dose of a sedative before their procedure, which leaves them awake for the procedure but causes you to relax. Even though most patients are awake with this method, they most often report remembering very little, if anything, about their surgery.

IV Sedation- IV Sedation comes in two variations: Twilight and General Anesthesia. Twilight is less extreme, as it leaves you conscious, but somewhat unaware of your surroundings. While it leaves you groggy, a dentist can still wake you up if need be. General anesthesia, however, leaves you completely unconscious. It is uncommon and typically reserved for significant oral surgery or those who are resistant to other types of sedatives.

If you suffer from dental anxiety, fear, or stress associated with going to the dentist, you may want to consider dental sedation. At Central Ohio Endodontics, we can help alleviate your concerns, and make you comfortable with dental procedures. We work with you to determine the right form of sedation for you. Contact us today to learn more.