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How to Prevent a Root Canal

Root canals have long been a source of dentistry fear and misconception. However, the procedure is a modern marvel and allows millions each year to retain their natural teeth and forego implants or veneers. The good news is that if you find yourself in need of a root canal, they are quicker and less painful than ever.

If you are, however, against the root canal business altogether, the following tips from the experts at Central Ohio Endodontics will teach you how to prevent a root canal.

How to Avoid a Root Canal with Cleaning

Since cavities expose the inner pulp of a tooth, making it susceptible to infection and inflammation, proper hygiene that prevents cavities, in turn, prevents the need for root canal treatment.

Brush Twice Daily

Since childhood, we’ve been told to brush our teeth in the morning and before bed. When we were kids, this might have seemed like an annoying burden inflicted on us by our parents, but twice-daily teeth cleaning is one of the most effective steps you can take in preventing a root canal.

If you feel like twice a day isn’t enough, you can brush more, but be careful because over brushing or aggressive brushing has its drawbacks. Overly aggressive or excessive tooth brushing can possibly wear down the protective enamel layer and/or cause gingival recession which can therefore make your teeth susceptible to infection and inflammation that only a root canal can repair.

Floss Regularly

While toothbrushing is an indispensable step in preventing a root canal, it doesn’t get everything off your teeth. Flossing or using a waterpik can pick up where the toothbrush left off and can get in those hard-to-reach areas to remove unwanted food particles. A quick floss after each meal is a critical step in preventing a root canal.

Minimize Sugary and Acidic Foods

Sugary foods create cavities that expose the inside of your teeth and make them susceptible to infections that warrant root canal treatment. While it would be downright evil to suggest you abstain from sugary goodness entirely, you should make an effort to avoid unnecessary sugars throughout the day.

Acidic foods also affect your dental health if you overindulge in them. Too much acid wreaks havoc on the tooth enamel, and without this protection, a tooth is more susceptible to becoming infected or inflamed.

You don’t have to cut out acids and sugars altogether. However, when it comes to preventing a root canal, you should monitor the amount of each you intake.

Get Regular Teeth Cleanings

No matter how much you brush, floss, or monitor the foods you eat, there is no substitute for professional teeth cleanings. Regular dental cleanings keep your teeth looking good and drastically reduce the chance of a root canal-demanding infection.

How to Avoid Root Canal Treatment by Preventing Damage

While cavities are a primary way the inside of a tooth becomes infected or inflamed, damage can also expose the tooth’s pulp. The following tips protect your teeth against blunt trauma and unnecessary damage caused by routine activities.

Wear a Mouthguard

Do you participate in competitive or contact sports? If so, you should wear a mouthguard to protect against blunt trauma. Impacts on your teeth can cause cracks which expose the inner pulp to infection-causing bacteria. A mouthguard adds an additional layer of protection, so your teeth are less likely to sustain damage if they get hit.

Avoid Hard Foods

Hard foods, especially hard candies, are one of the leading causes of tooth damage. As such, you should minimize or avoid hard foods altogether if preventing a root canal is your goal.

Don’t Ignore the Pain

Do not postpone a dental visit if you have tooth pain, whether it be random or directly related to a dental injury. We know you’re tough, but ignoring the pain will only cause it to get worse. However, if you act as soon as you notice the pain, our endodontists or your general dentist will likely be able to treat the underlying cause and prevent the injury from becoming infected and thus avoiding the need for a root canal.

The Root Canal Specialists are Here to Help

Keeping your teeth clean and protecting them from damage are the most effective steps you can take in preventing a root canal. However, if you need one, the endodontic specialists at Central Ohio Endodontics are here to help. We have years of experience with root canal therapy, and we will see to it that your natural tooth is saved. Contact us for more information on our endodontic procedures.